Who We Are

Welcome to Winnowburrow Farm where we are proudly producing cut flowers, herbs, mushrooms, eggs, and  nutrient-dense heirloom produce in beautiful West-Central Wisconsin. By implementing sustainable, chemical-free and regenerative practices we hold ourselves to the highest standards of good land stewardship and are invested in not only preserving but restoring native habitats.

As we continue to embark on our journey in local cut flower and food production, we feel it is imperative to educate the greater community about the importance of regenerative farm practices, and about heirlooms and food biodiversity. Considering that 75-95% of global food biodiversity has been lost to GMO’s, monoculture and hybridization, our commitment to growing heirlooms is one of social responsibility.

By adapting rare and endangered food species to our local climate and growing conditions, we help to foster food safety for ourselves and our community, both local and global. And the bounty is such a joy to share!

The journey of becoming farmers and the daily discoveries of life on the land and within our wonderful rural community has been epically rewarding! We are immensely grateful for our family, friends, shareholders and regular market customers who support us in countless ways in this grand adventure!

Please feel encouraged to reach out to us with questions, suggestions, or to inquire about any of our local, chemical-free products, including, (but not limited to):  breathtaking cut flowers, culinary herbs and seasoning mixes, free-range eggs, (from happy, heritage breed chickens fed ONLY organic supplemental grains), rare and endangered varieties of heirloom produce and heirloom garden seeds.

We grow most standard culinary herbs and most of your “garden variety” veggies such as Tomatoes, Potatoes, Beans, Corn, Carrots, Onions, Garlic, Salad Greens, Squash, Broccoli, Kale and much more. We are also in the beginning stages of shiitake mushroom cultivation and are working to offer nature-based gifts and decor for the holiday season.

Small family farms are not possible without the support of patrons invested in local food. Thank you!

Bonnie & Josh Warndahl

We are developing our concept
of an environmentally conscioussocially sensitive farm
focusing on preservation, education, research,
experimentation, inspiration, art and wellness.

Our Farm Share

Our Farm Market Share is unique in that we strive to exclusively grow heirloom produce with emphasis on rare and endangered varieties. We offer a “farmer’s market” style CSA, (Community Supported Agriculture) in which shareholders come pick up at the farm weekly from mid-June to Mid-October. We feel this approach to providing healthy food strengthens the bond between farmer and consumer and encourages a greater sense of community and “togetherness” while fostering a deep respect and appreciation for seasonal food.
A central focus of our farm is to help preserve what is left of food biodiversity by growing increasingly rare varieties and saving seeds which we are gradually adapting to our farm’s soil and local climate.
Each season we pledge to plant beneficial annual and perennial flowers for our endangered pollinators.


By committing to being an heirloom seed-saving farm we have no choice but to offer fewer varieties of produce within each season to avoid cross-pollination that would compromise the purity of the seeds. (Example: Tomatoes cross-pollinate easily, and must be separated by AT LEAST 500 feet, so we typically can only offer two varieties of tomato per season). However; the unique beauty, superior flavor, and exceptionally high nutritional content of the heirlooms we grow are well worth it and we make a concerted effort to grow as many different types of foods and herbs as possible to make up for it!
By implementing a “market style” share over the standard weekly delivery of boxes, we reduce our labor and fuel costs, thus reducing the cost of a share for YOU, our consumer! Additionally, share-holders have the opportunity to sign up for a work exchange, which can further discount share price and provide an opportunity for learning and connecting with nature and food production!
To learn more about the global importance of Heirlooms and Seed Saving please visit this site and watch the amazing new documentary
SEED – The Untold Story

What’s in a share?

For the excellent price of $450 for 18 weeks of the season, shareholders can expect enough fresh leafy greens, herbs and veggies of all kinds, (depending on what is in season ) to feed a family of 2-4, depending on how much you cook/preserve food. The Market approach provides opportunities to trade out some less desirable produce for more desirable ones, and we will always have extra goods available for sale such as eggs, fresh cut flowers, personal care products, medicinal herbs, goat cheese, goats milk soap, meats and more! Additionally, there will be opportunities to ask questions, get preparation and preservation suggestions, trade recipes, have picnics and connect with local community!
ADD A FLOWER SHARE! Fresh cut flowers are an absolute joy and whether for yourself or someone else, a flower share makes a great gift! Choose from a small, medium or large weekly bouquet for pick-up at the farm or at the Menomonie Market Co-op in downtown Menomonie, Wisconsin. Prices for flower shares are $80, $160 and $250, respectively.

How Does it Work?

Here for Each Other

A Farm Market Share, (commonly known as CSA), gives members of the community an opportunity to buy a seasonal share of locally grown food and engage with the farm in a “farmer’s market” style of pick-up. Shareholders sign up for a fixed dollar amount at the beginning of each growing season and have a stake in the success of the farm—if we have a bountiful growing season, our members dine weekly on a bounty of locally-grown produce. If we experience a drought or low yields due to pest or disease issues, shareholders may receive smaller shares. It means that, for one flat investment our members take a chance on us and support us through thick and thin.

We’re Stronger Together

The support of our members gives us the means to make it through even the worst growing seasons and, in turn, our members benefit by reaping the bounty when we are successful. Community Supported Agriculture is essential for the growth and perpetuity of many small, sustainable farmers.

Good for You, Good for the Community

Joining in a common cause for something as essential as healthy, locally grown and sustainable food brings communities together for today and for the future. Our shareholders learn about farming, local produce, cooking, and how to live sustainably for themselves and for the planet.